Earlier this week, The Toronto Raptors brought a good luck charm to Tampa Bay, and it couldn't be more Canadian.

Masai Ujiri, the president of the team, was seen placing a single toonie underneath the floorboards of their new home court in Florida.

The coin brought a little piece of home to the displaced players — and hopefully some championship mojo as well.

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"The little things to make it feel like home," read the tweet posted by the Raptors. 

The wholesome stunt mirrors the one Toronto pulled back in 2019, the year they became NBA champions.

It also pays tribute to a decades-old Canadian tradition.

Back in 2002, a loonie was placed at centre ice prior to the Winter Games in Salt Lake City to bring luck to Canada's men's and women's hockey teams.

Both teams brought home gold that year.

While the Raptors are using a different coin, let's hope toonies are just as lucky.