9 Super Bizarre Items You Can Buy At Toronto's Kensington Market

High Park scented candles and taco popcorn?! 😂
9 Super Bizarre Items You Can Buy At Toronto's Kensington Market

If you're in need of a little window shopping, look no further than Toronto's Kensington Market. You can easily spend a day poking in and out of the shops in this wonderfully eccentric neighbourhood. Not to mention all the amazing food and people-watching you'll get to enjoy.

Though, if you need a bit of convincing, we put together a list of the most unique, hilarious, and downright unusual things you can buy in Kensington.

There is no shortage of interesting shops, and in those shops are some truly astonishing finds.

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It’s so easy to lose yourself in Kensington Market's lively atmosphere and its quirky stores and we’re here to help you do just that.

From unique vintage dresses to the weirdest home goods you can imagine, this list should have something for every shopper.

And so, here are nine of the most random, unusual things you can get your hands on at Kensington Market.

Candles that smell like Toronto landmarks

Price: $16.00

Details: Kid Icarus sells handcrafted candles with scents such as the Toronto Reference Library, High Park, and the Toronto Islands.

An array of blood-stained housewares

Price: $10.00 - $20.00

Details: Are you a horror lover? Want to take your Halloween decorations to the next level? Try a blood-stained shower curtain at Blue Banana Market.

A Venus Fly Trap

Price: Varied

Details: If you've ever wanted a tiny carnivorous plant in your home, look no further. Wilbebloomin sells these little beasts, along with tons of other home foliage.

A t-shirt of shirtless Justin Trudeau riding a moose

Price: $29.95

Details: Need we say more?

An extravagant Lolita-style gown

Price: Varied

Details: If you can't be your best self, why not try being someone else for a bit, right? Live out your fantasy dreams with a Lolita gown from Twylite Fashion.

Trump's small hand soap

Price: $4.95

Details: "Because small hands can still get very dirty." If you're lucky, you might even get your hands on a Trump scented candle.

Macarons with your face on them

Price: Starting from $39.00

Details: This one takes some planning ahead of time, so if you'd like to eat your own face, make sure to put your order in online.

A 1950s Prom Dress

Price: $150.00

Details: After the year that is 2020, we think you deserve to treat yourself. What better way to do so than with a vintage ballgown? Feel like the pick of the prom with this gorgeous gown from Exile Vintage.

Taco-flavoured popcorn

Price: Starting at $4.95

Details: Don't force yourself to choose between two great snack options. Have both at once with taco-flavoured popcorn! Not to mention, there are tons of other crazy flavours for you to try.

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