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This Spot In Toronto Serves The Most Insane 13 Layer Cake We've Ever Seen

You won't believe the size of this slice of cake!

You won't believe the size of this slice of cake! Chocolate lovers, you need to visit Louix Louis which serves up the most insane 13 layer cake we've ever seen.

The next time you are craving a slice of chocolate cake head to Louix Louis in Toronto. Louix Louis is on the 31st floor the luxurious St. Regis Toronto (325 Bay Street). Here you can enjoy the epic King's Cake, which is the ultimate slice of chocolate cake. In fact, it is so big you will want to split it with a friend.

The massive slice has 13 mouthwatering layers of chocolate cake covered in a decadent 64% Guayaquil ganache icing and garnished with gold flakes! With so many layers, it is impressive this cake can stand up. In addition to the cake, you also get some delicious vanilla ice cream and a small jar of chocolate sauce to pour over top of the cake and ice cream.

This remarkable dessert makes the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Each slice of King's Cake is $29.

Louix Louis opened in 2018 and offers a mix of American and French cuisine. The menu includes tasty options like lobster hush puppies, seafood platers, truffle chicken, caviar, and pastrami short rib.

Want to try this amazing chocolate cake? Make your reservation now for Louix Louis now by visiting their website.