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Trinity Bellwoods' Latest Signs Give A Whole New Meaning To 'No Dumping' (PHOTOS)

That park chaos certainly caused a stink. 🤢
Trinity Bellwoods Signs Appearing Around The Park Bring A New Meaning To 'No Dumping'

Some people seem to have a lot of time on their hands! Some rather amusing signage has been spotted springing up around Trinity Bellwoods Park over the weekend and it brings a whole new meaning to the warning "no dumping." After reading these Trinity Bellwoods signs, we wouldn't blame you if you get a bit flushed.

With people having been caught literally pooping on lawns back on Saturday, May 23, it seems some people won't stand for this sort of crap.

In particular, some creative work is calling on people to clean up after themselves. Or their friends.

Or, you know, just use the newly-opened washrooms instead.

"Be a good neighbour, pick up after your human," reads the slogan. A disclaimer in small print reads: "*Please don’t actually s--- in the park. Stay home."

Yes, that is the preferred option.

And after the turd (sorry, third) or fourth sighting of the signs, they were floating around all over social media.

Park-goers this past weekend were surprised by the signs planted all over the park and, in most cases, seemed to find it pretty damn amusing.

For those of you who missed the whole ordeal that caused this whole stink, on the weekend of May 23-24, huge gatherings of Toronto residents decided to hang out at Trinity Bellwood's park.

As public washrooms had been closed during that time, people resorted to finding unconventional areas to relieve themselves after a full day of drinking.

And after the chaos they left behind, the scene was so bad that some restaurants in the area even decided to stop deliveries to the park so they wouldn't encourage any more gatherings in the area.

Since then, not only have public washrooms started to reopen in city parks, but an effort to combat social distancing rule-breakers has also been established.

Thanks to the addition of the "Social Distancing circles," we hopefully won't see a scene like that again.

After that weekend's fiasco, it seems like Trinity Bellwoods is the only park to have been chosen to represent these hilarious signs.

After all, it was the only park in Toronto that seemed to have those huge crowds that day.

Ontario has been no stranger to amusing signage over the last couple of months as cities have tried to charm residents with their social distancing enforcement.

These latest Bellwoods signs have got to be the winner, though, right?

Well, technically they should probably be Number 2.

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