Wonderland Dropped Their Halloween Haunt Menu & There's Alcoholic Bevvies In 'Blood Bags'

Their menu is stacked with classics but with spooky twists.

Wonderland Dropped It's Halloween Haunt Menu & There's Alcoholic Bevvies In 'Blood Bags'
Toronto Associate Editor

Trick or treat, Canada's Wonderland is giving you something good to eat. They just dropped their food and drink menu for this year's Halloween Haunt.

Wonderland kicked off their Haunt season on September 24 and with the addition of three new terrifying scare zones, the park is also serving up all the fall and spooktacular vibes with its menu this year, too.

If you can't get over their funnel cakes, they're offering two different kinds on their Haunt menu this time. Their pumpkin spice funnel cake will satisfy your PSL cravings with a dollop of pumpkin-spiced cream cheese and a luscious pumpkin drizzle on top.

Then there's their neon-coloured Frankenstein funnel cake, which is topped with vanilla ice cream, mixed berry compote, and chocolate sprinkles.

Not looking for something sweet? Wonderland also has a zombie mac and cheese burger on the menu. It's a juicy patty sandwiched between black charcoal buns. And you love a little spice, they have Fang Drop Corn Dogs that are topped with Flamin' Hot Cheetos, as well as a Dark Magic Corn Dog that's made with black corn.

Canada's Wonderland

In dire need of a cocktail? There are four different kinds of alcoholic drinks being served in to-go pouches: Blood Bag (yes, you read that right) is their take on a red wine sangria. Pixie Potion is a mouthwatering combo of green apple, raspberry, lemonade, and vodka. Zombie Juice is similar but has tropical pineapple juice instead of berries. And then there's the Purple People Eater, packed with blue curacao, cran juice, grenadine, lemonade, and vodka.

Canada's Wonderland is also serving several other Halloween-inspired treats all the way up until All Hallow's Eve.

A reminder that reservations are a must to enter the scream park this year.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor