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Wonderland's Halloween Haunt Tickets Are On Sale & It's Going To Be Scary AF

There will be three new spine-chilling scare zones this year. 🎃 👻

Wonderland's Halloween Haunt Tickets Are On Sale Now

If Halloween is your favourite time of the year and you aren't scared of what bumps in the night, brace yourself for Wonderland's Halloween Haunt this fall.

As of August 31, you can start making resos for select nights from September 24 to All Hallow's Eve, October 31. Wonderland announced today that they're adding three brand new scare zones this year: the Kingdom of Carnage, Streets of the Undead, and The Farmstead, giving you a total of 10 pants-crappingly spooky mazes.

So rally up your friends if you feel brave enough to walk through the park, where monsters lurk and real-life jumpscares await you.

In the Kingdom of Carnage, you can either join the villagers in their fight against the wicked king or flee from his dark magic. Streets of Undead will have you running to safety through a zombie apocalypse as you dodge obstacles in your way. And The Farmstead will put you face-to-face with the gruesome aftermath of demolishing a freaky slaughterhouse the locals call "Blood Shed."

There will also be a wide variety of live entertainment! Enjoy the Vampire Disco or witness the return of the acrobatic Skeleton Crew.

Feel like being part of the action? Canada's Wonderland is looking for monsters to haunt the mazes, and you can apply if you love spooking people out.

Reservations are a requirement this year and all indoor haunted mazes will be moved outside which, Wonderland says, will leave you with fewer places to hide. Anyone with a 2022 Gold Pass can hit up the park as many times as they want for the rest of 2021 and of course, 2022. This also includes Halloween Haunts and WinterFests.

Wonderland advises that anyone wearing Halloween makeup or costumes will not be let into the park, and they don't recommend children under 13 to visit the Haunt.

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