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A Giant Black Xbox Has Invaded Toronto's Waterfront & It's What Nightmares Are Made Of

It even has its own live stream.
Toronto Staff Writer
Xbox In Toronto Is Invading The Waterfront & It's What Nightmares Are Made Of

If you're walking along the city's waterfront today, don't be shocked if you see a giant black box. 

A massive Xbox in Toronto has been spotted floating in Lake Ontario this week, and it's what nightmares are made of. 

While the tall structure resembles something that you would see landing in an alien invasion movie, it's not as scary as it seems.  

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The promotional stunt was orchestrated by Xbox Canada, who placed the 40-foot (12-metre) structure on the water to promote the Xbox Series X's arrival.

The ominous box can be seen projecting spooky video clips throughout the day. 

The structure even has its own live stream on Twitch, where you can admire it in all of its glory. 

The gaming corporation isn't the only company to use Toronto's waterfront to promote its product this fall.

Back in October, a giant Borat blowup doll could be seen relaxing half-naked on a boat. 

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