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Donald Trump's Atlantic City Casino Was Blown Up By 3,000 Sticks Of Dynamite Today

This marks the end of Trump's seaside-city casino empire.
Trump Plaza Casino And Hotel Donald trump Atlantic City New Jersey

Going out with a bang — Donald Trump's Atlantic City era came to an end today with a literal implosion. 

The former president's Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino was demolished this morning by an estimated 3,000 sticks of dynamite.

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It’s an end of a not-so-great era. Jennifer Owen

Front-row seats to the planned demolition were sold for $10 so onlookers in cars could watch the fall of one of Trump's iconic casinos. 

When it first opened in 1984, the Trump Plaza attracted many rich and famous guests and generated millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Decades and a series of bankruptcy filings later, the vacant and crumbling Trump Plaza was deemed an "imminent hazard" by the city and its demolition was planned. 

Last week, the building was gutted and demolition crews worked to place around 3,000 pieces of dynamite that would bring the 34-story former casino cascading to the ground. 

At around 9 a.m. this morning, Controlled Demolition Inc. — a controlled demolition company — detonated the explosives and the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino collapsed into a pile of rubble. 

Jennifer Owen, a former Atlantic City resident who watched the demolition, called it the "end of a not-so-great era."

"It’s symbolic for sure... Him. Everything ending."

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