What It's Like Inside The World Of Esports With MissHarvey

"I fight for anyone and everyone."

What It's Like Inside The World Of Esports With MissHarvey

If you've ever been part of the gaming universe, you may already be familiar with the name MissHarvey.

In an interview for Narcity's qNa series, we spoke with Canadian Stéphanie Harvey, who goes by the handle MissHarvey on the streaming platform Twitch, about the world of esports, streaming, and what it's like being a role model.

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While Harvey now works at Counter Logic Gaming as director of Esports Franchise Development and Outreach, she has had great success as a gamer, earning five world championships.

But the role-model status that accompanied her success was something she "got just pushed into it because at first, I was different," Harvey says.

"For me, it didn't matter that I was a woman, but for others, it did matter."

She goes on to say, "I pushed for initiatives that I care about but also I think that would make the gaming world better and although I started, you know, by being a woman and that was kind of my niche, I think that now, I fight for anyone and everyone."

Lance McMillan