There's nothing wrong with wanting your food prepared a certain way. However, some people can really end up pushing it. Uber Eats Canada data has shown that the country's pickiest eaters can be found in one province.

According to data from the second annual Uber Eats Cravings Report, shared with Narcity, Alberta residents are the most particular when it comes to how their food is prepared.

Uber Eats found that people in that province were more likely to add special instructions to their orders than anyone else.

In Calgary and Edmonton, the most popular note is "no onions."

On the opposite end of the spectrum (and, ironically, the other side of the country), Nova Scotians are the most laid back about their orders, rarely sending any special instructions.

Calgarians and Edmontonians aren't the only people in Canada who would prefer to avoid onion breath. Onions were among the most popular excluded items from orders, along with tomatoes, cheese, and bacon.

Oddly enough, though, requests for extra onion also increased during the same period. This just proves that even when it comes to food, Canadians are a diverse bunch.

Additionally, Uber Eats revealed that what Canadians want most with their orders is extra sauce, and who could blame them? Especially if they're ordering from Swiss Chalet.

Canadians were also pretty likely to order extra pickles and mayo. They also often requested that their spicy dishes be made extra hot.

Canadians are known around the globe for being polite, and that also applies to ordering food for delivery.

Uber Eats found that over 50 percent of notes on orders contained the words "please" and "thank you," compared with just 40 percent in the United States.

The most polite provinces were Manitoba and Quebec, whose residents most frequently mind their P's and Q's in their order instructions.

Previously, Uber Eats revealed that the most commonly ordered food in Canada is not poutine, but actually butter chicken (both of which would be great with some extra sauce).