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A Vancouver Man Got His Leg Broken For Standing Up To 'Anti-Gay' Protestors This Weekend

Two of the protestors were arrested for assault.
Anti-Gay Protest In Vancouver: A Man's Leg Was Broken For Standing Up To Protestors

Anti-gay protestors turned violent in Vancouver this weekend. On Saturday, August 22, a local man confronted a group of protestors and had his leg broken as a result. Two of the people marching in the anti-gay protest were arrested and charged following the encounter.

According to a statement sent to Narcity by Aaron Roed of Vancouver Police Department, police were called about the disturbance on Saturday evening around 8 p.m.

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It all happened near Davie and Thurlow Streets. "A group of people using a microphone and amplifier were preaching about religion and anti-gay chants," the statement read. 

A man confronted the group and asked them to stop the anti-gay shouting. The person also asked them to stop using the microphone for their chants. 

"A disturbance ensued and the individual is suspected to have been thrown to the ground, where they unfortunately broke their leg," said the statement. 

Two men were arrested when Vancouver police officers got to the scene. Both the protestors were arrested for aggravated assault and mischief. 

They were taken to holding cells and the injured man "was transported to a local hospital for treatment." 

Police said that a large group had gathered at the scene.

"VPD officers are investigating this incident and interviewing all witnesses that had come forward at the time of the event," said the statement. 

Police have not released the name of the assault victim.

Police are continuing to look for witnesses who may have seen the assault.

A hate crime unit is also getting involved in the investigation and will look to see if there is "hate-related
information about the case. 

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