A BC Company May Finally Uncover The Famous Buried Treasure On This Canadian Island

It's a 200-year-old mystery!

Western Canada Editor
A foggy road leading to Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

A foggy road leading to Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

A 200-year-old mystery might be solved soon by a B.C. company headed for Nova Scotia in order to, hopefully, uncover buried treasure on Oak Island.

Oak Island has become famous thanks to rumours of hidden artifacts and buried treasure — and there's even a show dedicated to solving the mysteries on the island, called The Curse of Oak Island.

The popular show is on The History Channel, and it just recruited a B.C. company called Ideon Technologies to find the treasure once and for all.

Ideon Technologies announced the news recently, and said that "the Oak Island team is well-known for its adoption of new technological innovations to help unravel the mystery of the area, which has attracted treasure hunters for more than 200 years."

Although the series has been running for nine seasons, Ideon Technologies brings something new to the table that could finally crack the code to finding the famous treasure.

The company actually uses energy from supernova explosions in space, in order to get "x-ray-like imaging beneath the Earth’s surface," they said.

The company said it can penetrate up to one kilometre underground. They could thus potentially get a picture of exactly where the treasure is on the island.

The process is called Muon Tomography and they started it on the island late last year. Right now they have over a dozen detectors on Oak Island which the company said are "continuously streaming data back to the Ideon labs in British Columbia."

What is the treasure on Oak Island?

According to the Sky History website, there could be a few different treasures on the island.

The most famous theory though is a treasure from a 17th Century pirate named Captain Kidd. Legend has it that "a dying sailor on Kidd’s crew claimed that £2 million worth of treasure was buried on the island," the website said.

To make things even more interesting, in the 19th Century, treasure hunters found a large stone from the "Money Pit," with inscriptions that said: “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.”

The "Money Pit" is the legendary location of interest for treasure hunters on the History Channel show.

Showbiz CheatSheet said that "the pit allegedly consists of tunnels that flood the digging site every time treasure hunters got close to what is believed to be a large wooden depository."

Other theories about the Oak Island mystery range from Shakespeare's Manuscripts, The Holy Grail, and a Viking Ship — to things like Marie Antoinette's Jewels and Spanish naval treasure.

With any luck, the mystery will soon be solved.

It's probably a safe bet that they will not find Shakespeare's Manuscripts on some random island in Nova Scotia — but who knows!

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
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