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Drinking In 4 Of Vancouver's Public Plazas Just Became Legal For 2 Months

You will soon be able to drink at select outdoor spaces in Vancouver. On Wednesday, July 29, City Council gave the green light to test out a pilot project regarding drinking in Vancouver's public plazas. The council gave their go-ahead for four public plazas. 

A council report explains the motion and why it was proposed. The report was filed in mid-July and, Godfrey Tait, a media representative from the City Of Vancouver, confirmed to Narcity that the motion was indeed approved. 

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The pilot project makes it legal to consume liquor at four public plazas: North plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Lot 19 Plaza, Bute-Robson Pavement-to-Plaza, and Cambie & 17th Temporary Pop-Up Plaza. 

While the others are established plazas already, the Cambie plaza was actually installed just over a month ago on June 23, as explained in the press release

These pop-up plazas have "temporary seating to give people the opportunity to eat, visit, rest, and enjoy the weather while maintaining a safe distance from others," said the release. 

The project will run from August 10 until October 12, so you have two months to get some legal drinking done in public spaces. 

The four locations were chosen because of how much space they have, their management, and how easy it will be to monitor the people drinking there. 

How close they are to public washrooms, food vendors, public transit, and overnight parking facilities were also factors in the decision. 

A pilot project means that the city will be monitoring the drinking activity in these spaces to see how well it's working and whether it's affecting the community nearby. 

"Access to outdoor spaces contributes to community and economic health of the city. Allowing alcohol consumption in public spaces, when managed safely, responsibly, and respectfully for all public space users, may facilitate healthy social bonding after a long period of disruption," reads the document. 

The document also proposes times when drinking will be allowed at the selected spaces. For three of the plazas, it's between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m., whereas for the Bute-Robson location, the motion proposed drinking hours between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. 

The city will also have a public feedback form up on the website for the duration of the project so that you can weigh in on how you think it's going and if you'd like it to continue. 

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