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This Small Town Is As Close As You Can Get To Stars Hollow In BC

'Gilmore Girls' fans will fall in love with this place. 🍁

Even though Stars Hollow might not be a real place, there's a town just outside of Vancouver where you can still feel all the cozy vibes you loved in Gilmore Girls — a Fort Langley road trip has to be on your fall bucket list.

This gem in the Fraser Valley feels like it's from a fairy tale. They use it in the film industry all the time as a stand-in for a dreamy town, too!

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Fall is the best time to go because the changing leaves combined with the charming colourful buildings you'll find in the Village make it feel extra magical.

It's just under an hour to get here from Vancouver and we made you a quick and easy itinerary of all the cute spots so you don't have to lift a finger. Just get there and let the romance of the town sweep you away.

When you arrive, it'll probably be time for brunch or at least a coffee.

Head to Wendel's Bookstore & Cafe because it's like Luke's from the show. Make sure to take photos of the outside of the building, which looks like it could be ripped from the set of Rory and Lorelai's town.

From there, you can wander through the walkable village and spend some time discovering. 

For example, there's a hidden flower shop called Floralista if you want to bring some fall colours of nature home with you.

A spot called Gasoline Alley hides magical shops, a delicious spot for coffee, and a ton of colourful murals.

Remember how Lorelai filled her home with all kinds of unique things, like a monkey lamp, a hello kitty alarm clock, and a clown pillow?

You can probably find something that will transform your place into the Gilmore's at one of the town's three antique stores.

The Gilmores loved to eat, and at Blacksmith Bakery, you'll find treats more delicious than any doughnut at Luke's 

If you're ready to take a bite out of B.C.'s version of Stars Hollow, head here next weekend for a fall day trip.

Fort Langley

Address: Fort Langley, BC

Why You Need To Go: Get Stars Hollow vibes when you spend a perfect autumn day here.

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