Fall asleep in the wilderness without needing to pitch a tent. There is a new vacation spot, and it is like the ultimate summer camp for adults. It is time to have the best summer ever and book a stay at these brand new rainforest A-frame cabins and glamping domes in B.C.

Jen and Bobby Sherlock, the owners of Firvale Wilderness Camp, told Narcity, "our mission was to create a kind of summer camp for adults."

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The vacation spot is in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest and is opening Wednesday, July 22. For Jen and Bobby, this is their dream project, and it sounds like so much fun.

You'll be able to pick between two dreamy accommodation options.

The first is the retro cedar A-frame cabin. It has a cozy reading nook next to a large window where you can enjoy the mountain view.

The second option is the hillside glamping domes. They come with private soaker tubs, a patio, and swoon-worthy views of the glacier peaks and a waterfall.

Guests will also have access to a rustic lodge with an indoor kitchen and living room. It will be the only space with wifi, to help you disconnect from work and recharge.

To help you further relax, you'll be able to borrow books and games or get creative with one of their do it yourself craft kits.

Plus, you can enjoy the peaceful hiking trails only steps from your cabin. Because of the remote location, you are unlikely to see any hikers nearby as you enjoy the pristine natural beauty.

Or you can drive to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, which is only five minutes away. There you can visit a viewing platform to see bears safely.

One of the goals Firvale Wilderness Camp is to ensure it is "something that everyone can enjoy no matter their budget." Prices start at $139 per night.

We think this calls for a road trip. All that is left to do is decide which accommodation type you want to stay at first.

Firvale Wilderness Camp

Price: $139.00+

Address: 4300 Mackenzie 20 Hwy., Firvale, BC

Why You Need To Go: Feel like a kid at a summer camp again and spend the night in a dome.

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