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Naramata Is A BC Small Town & Wine Paradise So Hidden Only Locals Know It

Today's forecast has a 99% chance of wine. You can sip the day away at charming B.C. vineyards with your friends. Less than 5 hours from Vancouver is a spot that feels like Napa Valley. It is time to plan a road trip to Naramata where British Columbians have been heading for their wine trips for years and keeping it secret.

Have you been going to Osoyoos or Kelowna on repeat? Off the beaten path, in the heart of Okanagan is the Naramata Bench where you can go on the ultimate wine tasting tour.

In this area, there are 40 wineries within a 20-minute drive. So you can easily make a few stops to enjoy several types of white and red wine.

Here they specialize in all your favourites. You'll be able to swirl a glass of chardonnay made for drinking on the patio, or bold merlot that tastes like black cherry.

It is a gorgeous location without all the crowds, where you can enjoy views of the vineyards, mountains and Okanagan Lake.

Don't know what pinot gris is? No problem. 

You don't need any wine knowledge to enjoy wine tasting. Essentially what is ordering a flight of several tasting portions of wine on a patio.

For those of you on a tight budget, it is remarkably affordable too.

Wineries in this area typically charge between $5 to $10 for five wines.

Considering that it is cheaper than a glass of wine at a bar, and you get more to drink, it is a steal.

But it gets better. Most wineries waive the tasting price when you purchase a bottle of wine. So go ahead and buy a bottle to open at home, to score some extra savings.

Or you might want to gift a bottle to your friend who is the designated driver for this adventure as a way to say thank you.

Skip your weekend plans; you need to enjoy a lazy day of sipping wine outdoors with your friends.


Address: Naramata, BC

Why You Need To Go: You can sip several glasses of wine on the patio for under $10.

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