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The Last Trump Hotel In Canada Is Closed

The last location is in downtown Vancouver.
The Last Trump Hotel In Canada Is Closed

About a month ago there was news circulating that the Trump Hotel in Vancouver would be closing for good.

On Friday, August 28, CTV News reported that the Trump International Hotel in downtown Vancouver will reportedly be closing their doors forever.

And it seems they were right! The hotel's website is still online but if you try to book a stay for any date in the future, you'll see a notice that reads "We apologize for the inconvenience. This hotel is not available on (...)" 

April 4, 2020 The hotel "temporarily" shut down due to COVID-19

An employee told CTV News they're not taking reservations anymore and the staff are getting laid off. 

The U.S. President doesn't actually own the hotel; it is owned by the local Holborn Group who have simply licensed Trump's name for the building. 

The building's operator, TA Hotel Management Ltd., has allegedly filed for bankruptcy. 

Via CTV News

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