If you love mind-bending art, then this wild Vancouver illusion gallery is perfect for you. Featuring massive room-sized illusions and 3D installations, you'll find works that defy reality. All the art was created by local artists so it's completely unique to Vancouver and the first space of its kind in Canada.

Dimensions Art Gallery just opened on Wednesday, July 1, and it's already blowing minds. You play a role in the paintings, whether as a knight battling dragons or an explorer in the wilderness.

"We’re the first interactive locally painted 3D Art Gallery in Canada," they wrote in a statement to Narcity.

"Inspired by all the beautiful murals in Vancouver and the world, we decided on a 3D Painted Art Gallery. But we didn’t want to provide one type of art and experience, so we also built physical illusions rooms," they continued.

Not only can you walk through enormous exhibits themed as pirates, tropical vacations, or even Nintendo games, but there are also tons of physical illusions to explore too.

For example, they've built the first "Ames Room" in B.C., a famous kind of illusion room that can make your friends look either bigger or smaller depending on where they're standing.

There's also a sideways room where gravity took the day off, as well as an infinite mirror room in case you can't get enough of how gorgeous you look.

Unfortunately, they don't allow walk-ins at this time — you and your friends will need to book ahead for a timeslot before being allowed in.

The max group size is 12 people and you get an hour-long visit inside.

They told Narcity that many of their artists also worked on transforming downtown Vancouver into a public art gallery during the pandemic.

If you're a fan of the beautiful murals that took over Vancouver's boarded-up shops, then you'll love it here. Take a stroll through the mind-bending artwork and let your imagination loose.

Dimensions Art Gallery

Price: $24.99

Address: 432 Hastings St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Blow you and your followers' minds in this warped and wacky art gallery.