A Baby Black Bear In BC Fought Off A Bigger Bear While Stuck Up In A Tree (VIDEO)

BC is wild!
B.C. Bears In A Tree Were Caught Battling High Above Ground As Eagles Circled (VIDEO)

When one couple saw a tiny black bear way up in a tree, they ran to get the camera to take some cute pics. But then, a second bigger bear clamoured up after it. The B.C. bears in a tree then duked it out on tiny branches while they watched and it's so wild to see.

Three videos posted to YouTube racked up tens of thousands of views when they showed a scene you don't see every day.

Terry Eissfeldt and her husband were treated to a once in a lifetime sight on Saturday, May 30. The couple were relaxing in their place on Vancouver Island when her husband saw something interesting.

"He, all of a sudden, just went like, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, grab your camera and start running,'" said Eissfeldt to Narcity.

"A bear just climbed to the top of the eagle tree."

Sure enough, their videos show a small black bear clutching the tip of the tree as eagles circled overhead. The birds used that tree for nesting and they didn't like the bear intruding on their home.

Just as she started filming, a second, much larger bear came into view and began scaling up the trunk. In response, the smaller bear leapt to the opposite side of the tree, breaking branches in the process.

It wasn't until later that they discovered the bigger bear was out to attack the little one; Eissfeldt first thought they were mom and cub, but her nature photographer friend said that wasn't quite right.

"It wasn't a mom and a cub, it was that big boar and he had chased one of these yearlings up there because they're very territorial," said Eissfeldt. A boar, she explained, was a name for a male bear.

"I still don't know how he held onto, like, those little wispy branches," she said of the cub. But hold on it did, because eventually, the big bear backed away, finally leaving the cub alone.

Eissfeldt said the cub safely climbed down to ground the next afternoon, and the boar was seen hanging out nearby.

After the whole experience, Eissfeldt said she was "blessed" to live near so much wildlife and to have seen the event, calling it a "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

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