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RCMP Officer Groped Her Colleague 10 Years Ago & Is Facing The Consequences Now

An officer is finally facing the consequences for their actions a decade ago. The RCMP officer groped her male colleague twice but will keep her job — minus 20 days of pay. Meanwhile, her victim's claims were dismissed by other colleagues and he only spoke up in recent years.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

After a January hearing from the RCMP's conduct board, the decision was made for B.C. Const. Valerie Little to get docked 20 days of pay and 10 days of vacation for several incidents that took place from 2009 to 2010.

She also won't be allowed any promotion for two years and will work under supervision for a year.

According to the report, Little made sexually inappropriate comments to a male colleague, groped his thigh, and squeezed his genitals. She denied the allegations but the board sided with her victim, who the report calls "Constable A.F."

The first alleged incident occurred between Sunday, November 1, 2009, and Wednesday, February 3, 2010. Little and A.F. were watching a live interrogation when it happened.

"When the male suspect was discussing his own sexual preferences, you leaned over to Constable A. F. and placed your right hand on his left thigh," read the report, "and quietly whispered in his ear words to the effect of: I like to take it from behind.'"

Later, on Wednesday, February 3, 2010, Little was off-duty and playing in a broomball tournament. According to the report, the two were alone in the detachment hallway.

"You approached Constable A. F. while he was leaning up against a wall," read the report. "You proceeded to grab the penis of Constable A. F. and squeezed his penis with your fingers while stating: 'I see you’re not wearing a cup.'"

A.F. was wearing thin polyester shorts at the time Little touched him. On both occasions, he did not give consent.

When A.F. tried to ask a retired officer for help, "she did not take his complaint as a male victim of sexual assault seriously as she 'chuckled' when informed," read the report.

"Constable A. F. determined that there was nothing he could do about your unwanted sexual advance."

Little was eventually transferred out of his detachment and A.F. thought he'd never see her again. Then, in 2018, he learned that she'll be transferring into his new detachment in Nanaimo. He filled the complaint soon after.

Now, Little has been banned from working in the same detachment as A.F. for at least three years.

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