Here’s Where You Can Buy Roller Skates & Live Out Your Dream Of Being A '70s Diva On Wheels

Halter top and tube socks not included!

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Here’s Where You Can Buy Roller Skates & Live Out Your Dream Of Being A '70s Diva On Wheels
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Roller skates peaked during the '70s disco era and caught second wind this past year thanks to viral skaters like Oumi Janta and Ana Coto.

Aside from being a great dose of serotonin, roller skating is also an effective full body workout. Queue up some Doja Cat on your Spotify app (or Walkman if you really want to stick to the retro theme), head outside and start cruising like you're the queen of Venice Beach!

If you're looking for a pair of skates this summer, we found seven affordable ones you can buy online.

Vivid Skates Prisma Pink Holographic Roller Skates


Price: $145.21 ($161.35)

Details: Okay, now this is a show stopper! There's no better way to dazzle them at the rink than with these holographic pink skates that look like they're straight out of Roller Boogie.

$145.21 On ETSY

Cozy Green PU Leather High-top Roller Skates


Price: $95.99

Details: Even though they're made out of high-quality synthetic leather, these skates are so affordable! What's even cooler is the fact that the wheels light up and sparkle in the dark. Who's ready for a nighttime roll?

$95.99 On AMAZON

Sidewalk Skates In Harmony Blue


Price: $144.95

Details: If you're looking for something more colourful and funky, these are IT. Decked out in peace signs, hearts and butterflies, these skates are super cute, super comfy and perfect for beginners.

$144.95 On BOATHOUSE

SideWalk Skates In Pink


Price: $119

Details: For something slightly cheaper, you can go with these pink ones also from Boathouse. They're stylish and comfy so you look and feel good skating the streets or rink with your squad.

$119.95 On BOATHOUSE

Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skate

Urban Outfitters

Price: $144

Details: Get your groove on with these four-wheel roller skates featuring a suede lace-up boot with extra padding. These come in three different colours: blue, green or peach.


Cruze XR Hightop Women's Roller Skates

Bed Bath & Beyond

Price: $134.99

Details: I suppose these fall under the "Beyond" in Bed Bath & Beyond. These white skates have bright blue wheels and cushy padding so your feet don't get blisters or calluses from extended use.

$134.99 On BED BATH & BEYOND

Chicago Women's Rink Skate


Price: $99.97

Details: Chicago Skates is one of the leading brands in the skating industry and now you can find them at your nearest Walmart. These come with adjustable toe stops and a high-top profile rink pattern boot to support your ankles.

$99.97 On WALMART

Natalia Buia
Senior Editor, Studio
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