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Let's get exploring! The Hecla Provincial Park lighthouse in Manitoba is so east coast that it's like visiting the Maritimes without actually leaving the province. To reach the beacon building, it's just an easy five-kilometre trail.

Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park is located about an hour and 40 minutes north of Manitoba's capital.

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Escape for a tropical vacation without leaving Canada. This hidden gem isn't your regular swimming hole. Manitoba's Steep Rock Beach has bright turquoise water and friendly goats.

You might do a double-take when you view the photos of the ample beaches. No, this isn't the Big Island, but the sandy oasis is just as stunning. 

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Imagine a staycation where you step into an enchanting world. Did you grow up reading stories of magical winged creatures like sprites and dragons? All you fantasy fans will want to plan a trip to stay at this fairy cabin in Manitoba.

Crooked Mountain Cabins Resort has to be on your magical bucket list. It is two hours and 40 minutes from Winnipeg in Clanwilliam. 

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Welcome to paradise. Hidden in the prairies, you'll find a tropical beach that looks just the Caribbean. But what makes Little Limestone Lake truly unbelievable is the water actually changes colour throughout the day.

Five hours north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, you'll find the largest colour-changing marl lake in the world. It's just like those retro mood rings; its hues change as the hours go by.

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