This Tiny Fairy Sauna In Manitoba Has To Be On Your Bucket List

Travel doesn't get more magical than this. 🧚
Fairy Cabin In Manitoba Is A Storybook Worthy Vacation

Imagine a staycation where you step into an enchanting world. Did you grow up reading stories of magical winged creatures like sprites and dragons? All you fantasy fans will want to plan a trip to stay at this fairy cabin in Manitoba.

Crooked Mountain Cabins Resort has to be on your magical bucket list. It is two hours and 40 minutes from Winnipeg in Clanwilliam. 

The whimsical vacation spot has four rentals to pick from, but the top pick is the Fiddlehead Cabin. It is the only one that is open year-round and comes with an extra special perk.

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Guests will also get exclusive access to the tiny adorable stean sauna in the forest. Here you can treat yourself to a spa day in the one of a kind building.

Inside the cabin, you'll find one queen bed and enough room for two guests. It also comes with everything you might need to prepare a delicious meal, like a fridge, stove, microwave, french press, BBQ and toaster.

The screened veranda is ideal for lazy days relaxing on the wicker chairs while sipping a glass of wine. In the evenings you can watch the colourful sunsets over the lush rolling hills. 

Then once it is dark out, you'll want to stargaze.

It is so much better than anything you can do in the city. Far from light pollution in the city, you should easily be able to spot several constellations and maybe even the northern lights.

Right outside, there is also a hiking and hiking trail you'll want to explore too. The 2.1-kilometre well-kept path will lead you past a wildflower meadow filled with butterflies to an old spruce forest.

It is also conveniently located 20 minutes from Riding Mountain National Park. There you'll find ample hiking paths along Clear Lake to discover.

Do you need a vacation? You can book a stay here from $175 a night.

Crooked Mountain Cabins Resort

Price: $175.00+ a night

Address: Clanwilliam, MB

Why You Need To Go: Your cabin comes with a tiny wood sauna where you can unwind.

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