Home, sweet home. Whether buying a house is something you’re currently considering or it feels like a far-off dream, we’ve all got to start somewhere. So if you’re looking for affordable starter homes in Ontario, we’ve got you covered. 

When you imagine your dream home you might think about owning your own private island or living it up in a Drake-style mansion, but let’s be real. 

If you don’t have a few million dollars lying around, then these houses for sale under $100,000 might be more your speed. 

Some of the houses are quite small and others will require a little TLC to make them feel truly homey.

But with things like big back yards, ideal locations, and of course, desirable price points, these Ontario houses can’t be beaten. 

And you’d be shocked what a simple coat of paint can do to uplift a space. 

So grab your paintbrushes and take a look at the charming listings below.

Who knows? Your first house could be just around the corner.

Cavanaugh Crescent 

Price: $89,500

Address: 14 Cavanaugh Cres., Schreiber, ON

Description: You could enjoy a roomy backyard and a huge rec room with a cozy fireplace at this super cute spot. For those who live to explore, you'll love the nearby nature trails as well.

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Annette Street

Price: $89,900

Address: 435 Annette St., Espanola, ON

Description: This tiny, easy-to-maintain house features a super cute kitchen and a deck that's perfect for all of those backyard BBQs.

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Doran Street

Price: $95,000

Address: 83 Doran St., Petawawa, ON

Description: This house may be small, but the backyard more than makes up for it. It's the perfect starter home for one or two people.

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Shamrock Marina 

Price: $99,900

Address: 96-1082 Shamrock Marina Rd., Severn Bridge, ON

Description: A bright seasonal space with tons of windows so you can look out over the nearby water.

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Main Street North

Price: $91,000

Address: 133 Main St. N., Alexandria, ON

Description: This old stone home might need a little TLC inside, but the location is ideally close to city amenities.

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Albert Street East

Price: $82,000

Address: 127 Albert St. E., Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Description: Buying a house is expensive, but this rustic duplex means you could live on one side and rent out the other to help with the cost.

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Cameron Street

Price: $82,900

Address: 330 Cameron St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This spacious house features three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a large basement that you could do so much with.

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Wiley Street

Price: $79,900

Address: 530 Wiley St., Thunder Bay, ON

Description: This two-bedroom bungalow might look like a small box on the outside, but the inside is filled with charm. And best of all, there's a super cute fenced-in backyard.

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Plantagenet Concession 

Price: $99,900

Address: 2251 Plantagenet Concession Rd. 9, Curran, ON

Description: If your style could be described as "farmhouse chic" then you'll adore this little fixer-upper in the woods.

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McAnulty Boulevard

Price: $99,000

Address: 145 McAnulty Blvd., Hamilton, ON

Description: This charming A-frame house isn't too far from the 6ix and features a cozy backyard where you can live it up.

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Third Avenue West

Price: $90,000

Address: 184 Third Ave. W., North Bay, ON

Description: This two-bedroom, one-bathroom brick house is just the right size for a perfect and affordable starter home.

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