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12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Find At Costco Canada

From oat milk to diamond rings, is there anything that Costco doesn’t have?
12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Find At Costco Canada

Is there anything more goal-worthy than having your own Costco membership? Getting a Costco card means that, first and foremost, you’ve officially made it as an adult — congratulations! Everyone knows there's nothing more satisfying than wandering the aisles of this bulk-abundant shopper’s haven and discovering all the things you didn’t know you needed.

Don't have a membership yet? Well, consider signing up today because you'll receive a $60 online voucher along with your membership when you use the promo code COSTCONARCITY. Plus, Costco is expanding by opening new locations in three provinces. If you live in any of these places, head over to check out the new warehouse and their special grand opening savings.

  • Sherbrooke on August 26: 3800 Boulevard De Monseigneur-Fortier, Sherbrooke, QC J1L 0C8
  • Gloucester on August 27: 1405 Blair Towers Place, Gloucester, ON K1J 1A5
  • Southwest Calgary on August 28: 12905 Buffalo Run Boulevard, Tsuut’ina, AB T3T 0E3

From tech and apparel to essential items to stock the fridge, here are some things that you probably didn’t know you could find at your own Costco warehouse. 

1. Treat Your Ears To A Pair Of AirPod Pros 

Did you know that Costco carries Apple products? If you’ve been thinking about snagging yourself a pair of these conveniently wireless bad boys, pick some up at one of the new locations. Trust me, these Airpod Pros are worth it. The regular Airpods are also available online.

2. Trade Your Chocolate Fondue For Dark Chocolate Hummus 

If you’re not at least slightly intrigued by what this magical combination would do to your taste buds, I don’t know what to tell you. Pair this rich chocolatey Fontaine Santé hummus with some fresh fruit, and you’ve got yourself a new favourite (and healthier) dessert option.

3. Wrap Your Food In More Food

Two words: egg wraps. Costco actually carries Crepini Egg Thins, which are basically thin, zero net carb wraps made of egg and cauliflower which you can use for… anything, really. As a sandwich wrap, a crepe, pizza crust, a snack, a vessel for hummus. The possibilities are endless!

4. Get In Shape At Home With An Echelon Spin Bike (And Fitness Membership)

If you’re a little more than hesitant to head back to the gym, get your sweaty spinning fix in at home with your own Echelon EX-5s Spin Bike. It even comes with a one-year EchelonFit membership!

5. Moving Right Along… To Moon Cheese

If your reaction was “I’m sorry, what?” let me just say right off the bat that, no, this isn’t some funky cheese churned on the moon. These crunchy cheese balls are nutritious, keto-friendly, and gluten-free – oh, and totally irresistible. You've been warned.

6. These Big Screen TVs Will Make Streaming So Much Better

Okay, so you probably already knew that Costco carries TVs. But did you know that they carried some of the most top-of-the-line models that’ll upgrade your movie nights tenfold? Imagine having a cozy night in while streaming your favourite show on this gigantic LG 77” Smart TV. Movie theatre who?

7. Upgrade Your Morning Coffee With Suzie’s Oat Beverage

If you’ve gotten into the oak milk trend, you’ll be pleased to know that Costco has as well. Pick up Suzie’s Oat Beverage the next time you’re cruising around their aisles to take your coffee game to the next level.

8. Put A Little Pep In Your Step With Organic Kombucha

There are few things as refreshing as sipping a cold, bubbly kombucha on a hot summer day. Kirkland’s Organic Kombucha is waiting for you at your local Costco — and it’s also available in bulk for businesses (or if you just really want to stock up at home).

9. Organic Pizza Crust Kits To Spruce Up Your Meals 

What better way to spend a Friday night at home than by making your own pizza? Molinaro's Organic Pizza Crust Kit is as perfect as a family activity as it is for a cute date night in.

10. Get Your Burger Fix With Beyond Meat Patties

These plant-based burger patties will definitely surprise even your most carnivorous friend. Seriously, these juicy babies are something else. Added bonus? Costco Canada offers an 8-pack at a great price. Fire up the grill, vegan-style.

11. Grab Some Organic Red Velvet Cookies For Dessert

If you’re a sucker for red velvet, like I am, you absolutely have to try Made Good’s Red Velvet Cookies. They’re soft-baked, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, and best of all? They taste amazing.

12. And, Of Course, Diamond Rings

With such awesome savings and a wide selection, why wouldn’t you pick out your engagement ring at Costco? Choose from a beautiful selection of stunning rings that just exude foreverness, such as this timeless 1.50CT solitaire diamond ring.

Bet you didn’t know that Costco had all* of that! Head into your own local Costco to take home all of this goodness and much more.

If you live in the area, don't forget to check out one of the new Costco warehouses opening at the end of the month in Sherbrooke, Gloucester, and Southwest Calgary. Sign up for your membership online today using the promo code COSTCONARCITY to receive your $60 online voucher.

For more info, visit Costco’s website and follow them on Facebook.

*Items vary by location. This membership offer is for new members or memberships that have been expired for more than 18 months. Offer only available online on Costco.ca, expires September 27, 2020, and may not be combined with any other offers. Offer not valid for Costco purchases made in warehouse, in Costco Business Centres, on Costcobusinesscentre.ca, on Costcophotocentre.ca, or on purchases of Costco Shop Cards, App Store & iTunes Gift Cards, gift cards, certificates and tickets, travel, tires, membership, or membership renewals. Only one (1) online voucher can be used per online transaction. Only Canadian Costco members in good standing may take advantage of this offer. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers subject to change without notice.