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7 Stunning Canadian Starbucks Locations That Almost Make The $5 Latte Worth It

Including a Starbucks with velvet curtains and spotlights! 🤩

7 Stunning Canadian Starbucks Locations That Almost Make The $5 Latte Worth It

7 Stunning Canadian Starbucks Locations That Almost Make The $5 Latte Worth ...

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There are so many beautiful Starbucks stores in Canada that are different from the ones you're probably used to seeing on every street corner.

Whether they've got tons of space, velvet curtains or mid-century furniture, you just might forget you're paying $5 for a latte because of how stunning they are.

Here are seven locations in B.C., Ontario and Quebec to add to your caffeinated bucket list.

Pender & Granville Reserve Bar

Starbucks Reserve bars are elevated versions of regular locations with unique coffees and interesting interior design. At this spot in Vancouver, there's a massive bar with seating and lots of big, comfy chairs to relax in while you sip your latte.


This location in Unionville, Ontario, is a two-level old house that's been converted into a coffee shop and is so charmingly beautiful. While the exterior is old-fashioned, the interior is more modern with dark walls, exposed ducts and natural wood accents.

St. Catherine & Lambert Closse

If you want to add some silver-screen glamour to your Starbucks run, this store in Montreal is the perfect place to visit. It's located where the Seville Theatre, a 1,000-seat venue that opened in 1929, used to be. There are soft chairs, green velvet curtains framing the coffee bar and spotlights on the ceiling that help bring home that old-time-movie-theatre vibe.

Toronto Reserve Bar

Like the one in Vancouver, this is not your average coffee shop. Toronto's first Starbucks Reserve coffee bar is seriously fancy, with a wrap-around bar made of Canadian walnut that contrasts the dark walls and lots of seating where you can watch as baristas make drinks using unique techniques.

Toronto Pick Up

The first of its kind in Canada, this "Pickup" store in Toronto is only for customers who are on the go. It's a smaller location and there's no seating, but it's still stunning with unique design features. You have to order ahead on the app, where you can track the progress of your order. Once you arrive, check for your items on the digital status board before picking them up from a barista.


The Vaudreuil store in Quebec was ranked as one of the world's most beautiful Starbucks locations in 2017. Its mid-century furniture, concrete floors, wood accents and nautical decor details helped earn the stunning store the title.

Toronto Union Station

At this 400-square-foot location in Toronto's Union Station, it's all about streamlining. There's no seating, the menu is on big digital boards and someone takes your order on a tablet before you get to the cash register to pay. It's called an "espresso shot" version of a Starbucks and, while it's tiny, it's super sleek and beautiful.

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