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8 Starbucks Secrets That Will Help You Save On Your Next Coffee Run

It's a brew-tiful day for coffee. ☕
Starbucks Canada Secrets That Will Help You Save On Your Next Coffee Run

Getting your daily caffeine fix is about to get so much cheaper. We are sharing Starbucks Canada secrets that will help you save big on your next coffee run.

If getting a grande latte or cold brew is how your daily ritual, this list is for you. We are sharing all the details on how to save on your favourite Frappuccinos and earn free drinks twice as fast.

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Get Double The Stars

Details: You can earn double the stars by using a pre-paid card instead of debit or credit.

Get A Free Drink

Details: Instead of using 25 stars for some caramel syrup, it is a much better deal to wait until you have 150 points and get a venti latte or Frappuccino for free.

Have A Doubleshot On Ice Instead Of A Latte

Details: One hack on TikTok is to make a drink that tastes just like an iced caffe latte but is cheaper. To try it, order a Doubleshot on ice with extra milk, remove the classic syrup and add four pumps of vanilla instead.

Enjoy A Free Coffee On Your Birthday

Details: If you have joined the Starbucks Rewards program, you can get a free drink or food item of your choice on your birthday.

Never Miss A Sale Or BOGO Deal

Details: Make sure to download the app on your phone to make sure you never miss another buy-one-get-one-free deal again. When you register your account, you'll get promotion alters and personalized sales.

Enjoy Free Refills

Details: To save money, you can opt for the smaller-sized coffee or tea as you can get free refills in-store.

Ask For Less Ice

Details: One easy way to get more of your favourite cold beverage is to ask for less ice.

Share A Venti

Details: Instead of ordering three of the same drink, one money-saving tip on TikTok is to get a Venti and split it.

Be Your Own Barista

Details: You can save tons of money over a year by buying Starbucks pods or bags of coffee beans to brew at home.

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