You Can Soak Up Some Serious Savings With These 8 Shopping Secrets At Lush

Don't wash away your money. 🛀
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Lush Shopping Secrets That Will You Soaking Up Some Serious Savings

Enjoy your bubbly self-care time without breaking the bank. We have all Lush shopping secrets perfect for Canadians who love to unwind with a bubble bath.

Are you obsessed with all the cute bath bombs, like the eye-catching peach or snowman that makes rainbows? If so, you'll realize adding a few items to your digital shopping cart quickly add up.

But we have nine easy ways to save your money when stocking up on your favourite soaps and lotions.

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Shop The Leaving Soon Section

Details: You can fill your digital shopping cart with half-price items in the leaving soon section.

Get A Refund On Products You Tested

Details: Did you buy something only to realize the scent isn't for you? You can get your money back if you have at least 75% of the product left.

Wait For Major Sales

Details: Instead of paying full price, wait for annual sales such as Boxing Day that have deals of up to 50% off.

Work Part-time At Lush For Extra Savings

Details: If you regularly shop at Lush, it could be worth getting a part-time job there. Employees get a 50% discount on products that adds up to significant savings throughout the year.

Never Miss A Sale

Details: If you subscribe to the email newsletter, you'll be first to know about sales and new products.

Don't Pay For Shipping

Details: Don't waste your money on shipping; orders of $50 or over ship free.

Skip The Gift Sets

Details: Unless the gift sets are on sale, it is cheaper to buy all the products separately. Usually, the wrapped boxes cost a few extra dollars for the packaging.

Split Your Bubble Bars

Details: Bubble bars are a budget-friendly alternative to bath bombs as they can be cut into pieces so you can get multiple uses.

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