7 Memes About Reopening Canada That Are Too True

When can we get haircuts?
7 Canada Reopening Plan Memes That Are Way Too True

Everyone's been waiting for the day when they can go to a restaurant or finally get their hair cut. Canada's reopening plan has been gradual and varied by province, and it's led to some pretty funny reactions online. Some people have expressed their feelings in meme form.

At this point, British Columbia seems to be doing the best in their reopening plan, so much so that even the New York Times did a feature story on Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, GTA residents are still waiting for solid information on when things can start to go back to normal. 

Basically, there have been some pretty sharp divides in how quickly the provinces have been able to reopen their economies.

If you happen to live in a province that's doing better than others, you might be getting pumped up to go to the gym. You might also be looking forward to sitting on the patio of your local bar.

Whatever the case may be, people are likely just getting way too tired of having to stay home all the time, and they're itching to get back to their favourite places.

These memes highlight the excitement (and in some cases, jealousy) of Canada's reopening.

Too Soon?

from Calgary

Some provinces, like Alberta, took the initiative on opening back up, and that means enduring a lot of questions about how soon is too soon.

One Day, Toronto, One Day...

At least they still have all the sports teams, right? That'll show them... Once sports come back and all that.

It's Hard Not To Get Excited

Finally, a chance to get out and enjoy all of those wheat fields!

One Of The Most Important Moments In Canada's history

When Winners and Homesense opened again, it was a huge deal across the country (with huge deals across the country).

Make Sure you Have A Spot

It's going to be hard not to be this hyped when we're all finally allowed to go back to the gyms. At least Goodlife is already making their own plans.

Come Fly With Me

Obviously the most important thing to some Canadians is the ability to travel again. They'll finally be able to go back to getting overcharged for checking luggage.

It Hasn't Always Been Clear

It hasn't always been easy to keep track of when things will open again and in what capacity. People may be confused, but the good news is that change seems to be on the way.