Let's face it: the cost of living can get expensive, especially if you're in a big city, and job hunting can be an added stress.

These Ontario jobs offer six-figure salaries of $100K or more, and they're hiring right now.

While some of these jobs require more skills than others, some roles only ask for a few years of prior experience or even just a high school diploma.

So it's time to spruce up that old resume and get applying — you never know who you might hear back from.

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Inside Sales Floor Manager

Salary: $60,000 - $70,000 with bonus up to $100,000

Company: Peninsula Canada

City: Toronto, ON

Why You Should Apply: If you've been in a Team Leader or Management role, then this one might be for you. The company is looking for someone to motivate employees, set targets and conduct performance reviews.

General Manager

Salary: $120,000

Company: Amaya Natural Foods

City: Brampton, ON

Why You Should Apply: If you can work in a fast-paced environment and operate well under pressure, this job might be for you. Prerequisites include a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.

Security Service Manager

Salary: $115,000

Company: Ametos CA LTD.

City: Richmond Hill, ON

Why You Should Apply: With only a high school diploma as an educational requirement, this position is a good option for anyone with security experience. You'll develop action plans, direct staff development and more.

HR Manager

Salary: Up to $100,000

Company: AppleOne

City: Woodbridge, ON

Why You Should Apply: Ideal candidates for this job will have an HR degree, valid G driver's license, and CHRP or CHRL designation. You'll be responsible for training employees, organizing performance reviews and more.

General Manager - Business Development

Salary: $60 per hour

Company: Canada Immigration and Visa Services

City: Toronto, ON

Why You Should Apply: This company is looking for someone with a bachelor's degree and two years of experience to fill the position. Candidates must be prepared to travel and work under pressure.

CCRE Senior Manager

Salary: $93,050 - $116,350

Company: Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

City: Ottawa, ON

Why You Should Apply: Promote outreach plans, manage policies, and more in support of Canadian Armed Forces members. Those who have a bachelor's degree in a specific field and are bilingual can apply to this position.

Commercial Mortgage Agent

Salary: $100,000 - $500,000

Company: Clover Mortgage

City: Mississauga, ON

Why You Should Apply: With only a few years of experience required, this job could earn up to half a million dollars in a year. Responsibilities include closing deals, taking leads, and being informed on real estate trends.