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Procurement Canada Has Jobs That Pay Up to $61K & You Only Need A High School Diploma

If you're in the market for a new career, then this might just be the right opportunity for you. Canada government jobs are available in the sector of Public Service and Procurement, and if you have a high school diploma, you can apply.

These positions are available in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and P.E.I. Some applicants may also be able to work from home. 

Along with salaries that can be as high as $61,877 annually and opportunities for advancement, there are plenty of other great benefits of working for the government.

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What are the job duties?

Public Services and Procurement Canada is looking for people who can fill various administrative roles throughout the organization.

These include positions such as Clerical Support, Administrative Assistant, and Human Resource Assistant. More are available as well.

Depending on the job, the tasks you may be asked to perform could include working with accounts payable and receivable, responding to client inquiries, drafting and proofreading correspondence, or preparing purchase orders.

What are the requirements?

The minimum level of education for any of these positions is a secondary school diploma. A provincial or territorial equivalent will also be accepted, such as a GED.

Some administrative experience will also be needed, with the requirements varying by position.

All of the roles will require some knowledge of overseeing management schedules and emails, extracting data from different software, and coordinating the completion of HR activities.

For a more specialized job like Executive Assistant, you would need to have some prior experience with budget tracking and forecasting, as well as issuing and paying invoices.

Are there any benefits?

Working for the government means that you would have a job that comes with plenty of perks.

The salary is the most obvious one. Administration jobs with Procurement Canada can pay anywhere from $47,729 to $61,877, depending on employment level. These also come with annual increases.

On top of that, PSPC offers flexible working arrangements, and can even offer some candidates the ability to work from home

You would also be able to take advantage of a government pension, plus medical and dental benefits.

Finally, there are always opportunities for skill growth and career development, meaning you can chart a path to an even higher position.

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