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9 Gifts To Get Your Friends Depending On What Their Favourite Outdoor Activity Is

Because outside is their best side.

The holidays can be a bit of a stressful time of year - especially this year - when it comes to gifting. From finding the perfect gift, the perfect wrapping paper, and the perfect moment to bestow upon your friends this epic present... well, things require a little bit of planning to say the least.

But thankfully, there are ways to just embrace simplicity around the holidays with friends and family

Finding one place that houses tons of awesome things for the special people in your life  with particular hobbies can be one way to invite all things simple into your holiday schedule. Take Mark's, for example.

Specializing in things your outdoorsy friends would love, Mark's makes it easy to sail through your shopping list with just one safe and hassle-free stop, either (safely) in-store, via curbside pick-up or online.

After all, less time spent stressing about holiday shopping means more time doing the everyday things that you really do love!

For the Campfire Conoisseur Who Loves To Look The Part

Calling all lumberjacks (and Jills!). The Western Stretch Flannel Shirt is a must for any seasoned camper. The Western Stretch Flannel Shirt is a must for any seasoned camper for layering in the shoulder seasons!

The classic flannel makes a perfect gift for any campfire chef on your list, and it doubles as a cozy reminder of the spark you and your giftee share.

For Your Dog-Obsessed BFF and Their Pup

For the person on your list who can always be found walking the dog, you know the way to their heart is to spoil their furbaby with a classic Carhartt dog chore coat.

A cozy and cute pup equals one happy fur-parent. They'll be tagging you in every Insta shot and singing your gift-giving praises for years.

For The Hiker Whose Favourite Stocking Stuffer Is Literal Stockings

You know the friend that lives in their hiking boots, casually suggests exploring a forest as a daytime activity, and seems to always be discovering some new trail?

They go through socks like you wouldn't believe, so stuff their stockings with a pair of Denver Hayes Box Of 12 Christmas/ Novelty Casual Socks for the gift that says "simple but essential" and they'll be impressed with your thoughtfulness and practicality. After all, the best gifts are the ones we need, and everyone could always do with another pair of socks.

For The Snow Bunny Whose Parka Needs An Update

There exists a mystical breed of human being for whom winter is not absolutely horrible. These friends live for fresh snowfalls and high altitudes, and the cold doesn't seem to be too much of a bother to them, anyway.

Whether hitting the slopes or taking a stroll, the Helly Hanson Blume Puffy Waterproof Parka is a stylish way to keep them toasty and dry with Helly Tech® fabric. The removable faux fur hood trim is animal-lover friendly and cute, too.

For The Home Rink Player Always Wearing Denim

Okay, straight-up, who wouldn't love a pair of Levi's for the holidays? But if you need to justify the purchase, the good news is Levi's aren't just trendy. They're functional, too!

Levi’s Women's 720 High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans are stylish, durable and give you room to stretch, making it the perfect option for your friends who live on the ice. Levi’s are just one of the many top brands you can find at Mark’s to appease your holiday list, and anyone would be happy with a flattering fit from this classic brand.

For The Winter Cyclist Who Doesn't Let Snow Stop Them

Biking in the summer is fun. Biking in the winter? It's a whole new level of exhilarating. And for your friend who laughs in the face of slush, well, what else can you give them but the gift of warmth?

Breathable layers are a must when putting on the fat tires and taking to the streets or the trails with the 18 speed in the colder months; and with the WindRiver Berber Fleece Zip Sweater, your two-wheeler pedalling pal can stay toasty without overheating.

For The Summit Seeker Who Needs A Pair Of Dependable Boots

Your outdoor loving friend? The one that suggests exploring the great outdoors as a fun weekend excursion, and whose Instagram feeds are full of absolutely gorgeous views? Yeah, that friend is probably going to love a brand new pair of comfy boots.

Leveraging the technology of IceFX, the WindRiver Women's ICE Queen ICEFX Mid Winter Boots are the mid-height boot that does it all. These boots feature an innovative tread design that provides greater slip resistance on ice. Utility plus good looks = you getting the most awesome gift-giver award this holiday season.

For The Runner Who Always Wants To Stay Connected

Have that friend that somehow manages to have full running playlist control, post to Instagram, and text you mid-jog?

For the simple-is-best, no nonsense person on your list, the WindRiver T-Max I-Touch Gloves are not only sure to please, but sure to get lots of use by its new owner. It’s tough enough to keep your friend warm while on a brisk day's jog using its T-MAX® Element insulation and chic enough for casual hangs. As an additional plus, they have I-Touch capable finger tips so you can text without letting your fingers bare the cold.

For The Commuter Who Needs A Warm Coat Without the Bulk

The commuter on your list is always looking for a space-saving hack, even when it comes to winter essentials.

With the WindRiver HD Puffer, a whole lot of warmth and comfort is packed into an easily packable coat. It saves space, keeps you warm, and is absolutely perfect for the people you love who are always on the move.

Sure, it might not be easy to shop for all your friends. Unless they're out here dropping massive hints, present purchasing might involve a little bit of guesswork.

But sometimes, knowing what your friends like can pay off and help you make things just a lot simpler. Which means you can make more time for the moments that matter most - getting outside, connecting with family, and taking care of you!

For more details on all things simple at Mark's, check out their website and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.