A 500-Pound Bear Keeps Breaking Into Cali Homes & They're Calling Him 'Hank The Tank'

He's raided at least 28 homes for snacks!

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A 500-Pound Bear Keeps Breaking Into Cali Homes & They're Calling Him 'Hank The Tank'

A black bear has been breaking into California homes looking for junk food, and from the looks of him he's been pretty successful.

The 500-pound bear has been dubbed "Hank the Tank" by the police in the South Lake Tahoe area, where he's currently the most-wanted thing on four legs.

The hungry giant has seemingly lost his fear of humans, and he'll crash through just about anything to get at a morsel of food.

Wildlife officials say that since last summer, the burglarizing bear has broken into at least 28 homes, and residents have called the police more than 100 times.

Nobody has been able to get a hold of the animal, although some have driven him away with paintballs, bean bags and sirens.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is part of the effort to find Hank, but activists worry that he'll be put down if he falls into their hands.

"This bear is readily identifiable due to its exceptionally large size and dark coat with lighter muzzle," the CDFW says.

Newsweek reports that the CDFW has stated that Hank "poses a potential danger to humans and has become habituated to human food."

Others within the enclosed neighborhood of Tahoe Keys, the gated community where the bear continues to circulate, have taken matters into their own hands by calling for bear traps.

A local non-profit called the BEAR League has been following Hank's activities in recent weeks, while calling for a humane solution to his wanderings. The group has posted surveillance footage of Hank's adventures on Facebook, and they're urging followers to help find a non-lethal way to stop him.

"We are frantically working to save his life by reaching out to various wildlife sanctuaries in hopes of finding him a safe home," they said in a Facebook post.

The group's executive director has also told NBC News that "multiple wildlife sanctuaries are ready to accept Hank."

Adult male black bears typically weight about 150-350 pounds, according to the CDFW. However, they can occasionally reach Hank's size, and some have even hit 600 pounds.

The CDFW says that euthanizing the bear is "always our last option," and officials are currently looking at the possibility of relocating him if he's captured.

They add that this whole thing could have been avoided if people did a better job of protecting their garbage from bears.

There are no reports of human injuries to date.

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer
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