A Giant 'Christmas Star' Illuminated The Sky Last Night & The Photos Are Jaw-Dropping

Just in case you missed it... we've got you covered.
A Giant 'Christmas Star' Illuminated The Sky Last Night & The Photos Are Jaw-Dropping
nasahqphoto | Twitter, NASA

The world got to witness a truly once in a lifetime event last night, as Saturn and Jupiter passed so close to each other that they formed a "Christmas Star" in the night sky.

But if you missed it, no need to worry, as Earth is home to thousands of incredibly talented photographers, and we have compiled some of the best images for you in this story.

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1226 Last time the "great conjunction" was this visible 

Starting things off with this amazing pic of the planets vibing with each other over Waikiki, Hawaii.

The two planets even put on a spectacular show over the Mojave Desert in California.

Lucky for us, some people have incredible technology that can zoom so far in that you can even see Saturn's rings.

This shot was taken over Melbourne, Australia, using a telescope.

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado also turned out to be an amazing spot to catch the incredible celestial event.

What better place to catch a glimpse of the magnificent "star" than beautiful Pensacola beach in Florida? 

Of course, NASA was also able to snag a jaw-dropping image of the two planets dancing with each other over Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Now you'll have to wait about 60 more years before you can view the event again, as astronomers predict the conjunction could be visible again in 2080.