These Insane Skydivers Just Posed As Mysterious UFO's Over Texas (VIDEO)

Bringing a centuries-old urban legend to life!
These Insane Skydivers Just Posed As Mysterious UFO's Over Texas (VIDEO)

Texas has its fair share of urban legends, and Red Bull Skydivers just decided to turn one of them into a reality (sort of).

Under absolutely zero moonlight thanks to the new moon, these incredible skydivers put on an incredible light display to mimic a phenomenon that has puzzled Texans for centuries.

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Diving in unison like falling comets through the night, the sight certainly appears to be paranormal Photographer Dustin Snipes 

The Red Bull Air Force team set out on a mission to recreate the famed "Marfa Lights," which were first sighted in the late 19th century, causing locals to believe aliens or even ghosts could be putting on a frequent show over the small Texas town.

It was the first time the team had ever done a jump during a new moon, and it's easy to say that they nailed it, as they truly do look like UFOs, comets, or whatever else you can imagine falling out of the sky in such beautiful and mesmerizing fashion.

The West Texas town of Marfa invites curious paranormal or extraterrestrial seekers to try and catch a glimpse of the actual lights, which are often described as orbs floating above the horizon.

To this day, no one knows exactly what the red, blue, or sometimes white lights are, but some popular theories include atmospheric reflections of cars or even simple campfires.

But we can all agree that aliens or even ghosts sound just so much cooler right? 

You can check out awesome behind the scene clips showing how the jump was orchestrated and how these incredible shots were taken by the team in the video below.