A Server Wants To Quit Over The Tip On a $500 Bill & TikTokers Are Blasting Her As 'Entitled'

"you made more in a 4-HOUR shift than some people make in an 8-HOUR shift.”

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The server making a video about her tips.

The server making a video about her tips.

Serving is definitely not an easy job but are servers warranted in expecting a tip, especially generous tips from their customers at all times?

That’s a debate that’s happening under one server’s TikTok video in which she complained about the amount she was tipped on a table whose bill added up to $500.

TikToker and server Malia Elaine made a video about her tables and tip out at the end of a four-hour shift, and although she made over $100 on tips alone, she still was not satisfied.

Elaine began her video by saying, “Let's do a Tuesday night tip count and I'll explain why I'm about to put in my two weeks because it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

She then explained that a bill for a table she served worth $505, tipped an amount she wasn’t pleased with.

The tip was split three ways, and her portion of the tip added up to $33, and that definitely wasn’t a good enough tip for Elaine.


Might have been my last straw #servertok #waitressproblems #tipcount

She then went through all her tables and shared how much she was tipped by each of them. After that, she added up all her tips and she ended the night with $212 for her four-hour shift, of which she owed the restaurant $121 because people paid in cash.

At the end of her shift with $91 in total after tipping out $38.

“Yes, my shift was only four hours, and that's like good money in that time span,” Elaine says. “But can we just treat humans like humans it would make coming to work so much better? Please be kind to your servers. Thank you.”

Elaine probably assumed people would be on her side but the comment section completely turned on her and called her “entitled” for expecting more from her guests.

One commenter wrote, “This is why restaurants should pay a living wage instead of expecting you to survive off the generosity of your customers.”

Another said, “Please… you made more in a 4-HOUR shift than some people make in an 8-HOUR shift.”

“Tipping culture is such an entitled thing now,” said another user. “If you feel "underpaid" take it up with the EMPLOYER. Customers AREN’T REQUIRED TO GIVE YOU EXTRA.”

Others defended Elaine like other servers.

One server commented, “all the servers are understated.”

“What people don’t understand are we still have to tip out on our sales not on what we made for tips! Girl, I totally feel this one!” wrote one server.

“Big parties like that should be auto gratuity at least like 18%. No one has no idea how much work those are,” commented another person.

The majority of the comments called Elaine out for expecting more tips but it seems like many still sympathized with her.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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