A Woman Matched With Her Ex Landlord On Hinge & Used The Date To Settle An Old Score

"He clearly didn't recognize me."

The TikToker in her video. Right: A woman using Hinge on her cellphone.
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The TikToker in her video. Right: A woman using Hinge on her cellphone.

You never know who you'll see when you put yourself out there on dating apps like Hinge , Tinder and Bumble.

One TikToker says she matched with her former landlord when using the Hinge app and agreed to go out with him as long as he paid for the drinks with the security deposit money he never gave back.

TikToker Heather DuBois posted the video explaining the back story and how she ended up matching with her former landlord.

She started off by showing the message she received from a guy and pointed out that the background in his main photo looked familiar. She ended up figuring out who it was after some further digging.

"He clearly didn't recognize me in the photo because we only met once when I toured the apartment, but things ended very badly to the point where we both said don't contact me again," the Nashville woman said.

The TikToker said everything was great during the 12 months she lived at the apartment with her now ex-boyfriend. It was when they were moving out that it turned rocky.

"This was clearly this guy's first time being a landlord, like, he had no idea what he was doing," she said and added that they barely spoke through the entirety of her living there.

"He ended up keeping our security deposit with absolutely zero word of what damages [there] were," DuBois said in her video and added that she even paid over $400 for a move-out clean out and left the place spotless.

"Things went off the rails. He threatened to file a police report against us. He claimed we had gone back to the house to take mail, which both of us were out of state at this point."

The cherry on top was that the guy wasn't the one who came to see the property when they moved out, he sent his parents instead.

DuBois ended her TikTok video by showing her reply to the guy which said, "Yeah, sure. But only if you give me the security deposit back."


At least i know hes a homeowner 😩 #hingedating #landlordspecial #tenantsrights

Many people clearly loved the juicy story DuBois shared and some said it was a great idea for a "new rom-com with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan."

However, others noted they would have taken a much more harsh approach if they were in her situation.

"I would meet him, bring an attorney and serve him a lawsuit in person. deposit + pain & suffering," one person wrote.

"Go on just enough dates for him to pay enough to equal the deposit," another echoed.

Others agreed and said the landlord should have given her and her ex an "itemized list of the damages within 21 days to legally keep the security deposit."

Overall, many people wanted an update on what happened next and DuBois delivered.

In a new video, DuBois said she thought her reply to the guy was clever and revealed the deposit had been a whopping $1,400, which equalled half a month's rent.

Then she shared that the guy didn't even respond, he simply unmatched her on Hinge.

"Honestly [I'm] upset. He was kind of cute, it could've been a really funny story but yeah he was definitely an a**hole in the end of the lease."


Replying to @Seven C. #greenscreen PART 2!

She also acknowledged all the legal advice she had been getting about the security deposit and said it wasn't worth all the trouble.

The Nashville woman finished the video by saying she's still looking for a new man and dad for her dog.

Here's hoping she has better luck on the apps moving forward!

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