A Woman Says A Hinge Date Bailed After 45 Seconds & TikTokers Are Sharing Their Horror Stories

"I was too stunned to speak."

The TikToker in her video about her date fail.
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The TikToker in her video about her date fail.

Dating in this day and age can be tough, and most people agree they have a story to tell when it comes to going on an awful dating experience, but few will trump this TikTok video about what might be the shortest first date ever.

TikToker Rachel Fayce posted a video about her experience going on a first date with a hinge match, and the video is so funny that it already has over 4.2 million views.

The video shows a flabbergasted Fayce, with the caption saying, “when my hinge date leaves 45 seconds after meeting me to 'move his car' but then texts me, 'sorry wasn’t feeling it. :('”



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People in the comment section had much to say about Fayce’s experience, and some even shared their similar experiences.

One user commented, "I had a guy fake having MS (multiple sclerosis) 5 minutes into mine. Happened last week."

Another person commented, "moved his car all the way back home."

"Mine had to leave because 'his dog got into the chicken coop,' and then I got a text later saying, 'sorry I have a gf & she wanted me home,'" shared another user.

"Help, this happened to me too and I watched him drive off... have to u-turn to go the right way and drive past me standing there," commented another TikToker.

Another person commented saying, "I was on a date with a guy that thought he texted his friend to call & give him an out… dawggg, HE TEXTED ME. I was too stunned to speak. "

" I saw my gym crush on Hinge. He lived 15 minutes away from me but told me he couldn’t do long distance," shared another user. "I still would see him at the gym before I moved."

One user suggested that Fayce should "have responded with who’s this?"

Other commenters weren’t so kind about the situation, and Fayce did not hold back from taking shots back at them.

One commenter wrote, "At least he texted you. Many would have blocked you and left."

Fayce responded to the comment with a video in which she goes on to say that his text letting her know he was bailing on the date was "the bare f*cking minimum," and then proceeded to tell men who do stuff like this to "grow some b*lls. Or a v*lva, because v*lvas are much tougher than b*lls."


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"Ladies, let's please raise our standard and stop praising men for doing the absolute least," Fayce says in the video. "Just treat people that you date like human beings."

"What did your photos look like?" commented someone on her first video. "You must have led him to believe you were something else?"

Fayce followed up the comment with another video and confirmed that her "representation of [herself] on dating apps and social media is very realistic."

"I don’t use filters. I don’t use Facetune…what you see is what you get, baby," Fayce says.


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"I think it’s really interesting that everyone’s gut reaction is to blame the woman in this situation," Fayce continues to say in her video.

"I think everybody on dating apps is a little bit of a catfish because, obviously, you’re not going to put bad photo’s on your dating app."

In an entirely separate video, Fayce posted a ‘get ready with me’ style video on her account while prepping to go on another date.

Fayce opened up about how the 45-second date experience "didn’t really faze [her] confidence-wise."


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“"My confidence does not come from outside sources, and I think the soon you learn to get your confidence from within yourself the f*cking better," Fayce says in her video before delving into her past love life and all the work she’s done on herself over the years.

People in the comment section praised her for her confidence and wished her luck in her dating life.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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