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Abandoned Prison In Tennessee Is The Perfect Place For Ghost Hunters

If you're an adrenaline junky and love activities that keep you on your toes, this might be the thrill ride you've been looking for. Tennessee has a lot of history, and the best way to learn about it is to experience these storied locations for yourself. This abandoned prison in Tennessee is one of the most entertaining (and terrifying) attractions in the state. 

The Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary used to be a maximum-security prison in Petros, Tennessee. It officially shut down in 2009 and has been deteriorating since. It first started operating in 1896, so that should show you just how much history this place has. 

The prison was known to be pretty terrifying, even for the scariest inmates. This location held some of the most dangerous criminals and many met their fate while they were housed here. 

Paranormal activity is not a surprise at this location. Many sightings have been recorded and you might just experience a bit of it something when you visit.

You can either take a self-guided tour or a guided tour that might scare you to your core. You'll put yourself in an inmate's shoes and be glad that it's only a tour. 

At the beginning of your tour, you'll get a map of the entire prison grounds so you can see how massive this place actually is. There are over 30 informational spots that will give you an insight into what really went down here.

There are former inmates and even guards who are available on site to answer any question you might have about the prison's history and ghostly rumors.

They lived here and experienced Brushy for many years, so they are the best people to get your information from. 

You'll walk through cells, the cafeteria, the gym, the museum, the laundry room, the exercise yard and through the movie theatre where a documentary about the prison plays. 

They even let you see the inside of where many inmates spent most of their days: solitary confinement. 

The prison re-opens for the season on April 2 this year, so start planning your trip now before tickets sell out. 

After this heavy on the heart tour, you can indulge in some moonshine at the End of the Line Distillery on-site or get your grub on at the Warden's Table before you leave. 

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Price: $15

When: April 2

Address: 9182 Hwy 116, Petros, TN 

Why You Need To Go: You will be able to go inside one of the scariest prisons in the entire nation. Tours are cheap and what you'll see is unforgettable. 

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