Completely submerged in water for decades, there is an ancient Italian ghost town in Tuscany that dates back to the 12th century. 

According to The Weather Network, the village of Fabbriche di Careggine may be resurfacing for the world to see in 2021. 

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1946 When the village was submerged originally. 

The artificial lake that sits atop the village is a result of a dam being built in 1946. 

While the dam reportedly provides energy at a large capacity, it had to sacrifice the ancient area in the process, rendering it a ghost town.  

Visit Tuscany writes that the ghost town only re-emerges when the lake is drained and that last happened in 1994. 

There is still a cemetery, stone houses, and a bridge underwater right now. 

The Weather Network reports that a former mayor's daughter has suggested that the dam might be drained again in 2021 to bring tourism to the historical destination. 

"The last time it was emptied was in 1994 when my father was mayor and thanks to his efforts and to the numerous initiatives that with great efforts, was able to set up the entire town of Vagli and was able to welcome more than 1 million people," she said.