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Italy's Flower-Shaped Vaccination Centres Will Celebrate Life In Bloom Again (VIDEO)

After a year unlike any other, Italy has found a creative way to mark its gradual return to normal life.

Architect Stefano Boeri is building COVID-19 vaccination centres that will go in Italy's public squares. The clinics will be flower-shaped, to symbolize the country blooming back to life once again.

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The campaign was built around one theme: "With a flower, Italy comes back to life."

Boeri chose the flower because it is "an icon not only of the tremendous biodiversity found throughout Italy but also a symbol of the natural cycle of life and continuous rebirth."

It's not just any flower, either — it's a primrose, which is the first flower in Italy to blossom after the winter. It symbolizes the "re-awakening of Nature and the arrival of Spring."

"And as with every other year, the primrose will be the first flower to re-emerge. But this time, the rebirth will also be ours," says the video.

The clinics themselves will be easy to take down and reconstruct.

They will be made of wood, textiles and recyclable material.

The final outlines of the clinics have been approved and construction is set to begin soon.

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Residents of M1G and M1J can go to one of two pop-up clinics located at the Woburn Collegiate Institute and John McCrae Public School. 

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