Ontario MPP Says 'Bring On' The Fines & Jail Time After 15-Person Christmas Gathering

"The lies and deception of [COVID-19] are over," he says.
Ontario MPP Says 'Bring On' The Fines & Jail Time After His 15-Person Christmas Gathering

After posting a photo of a 15-person Christmas gathering, Ontario MPP Randy Hillier is in hot water — but he doesn't seem to care.

Hillier of Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston posted the photo to his Twitter on December 27, which shows him and over a dozen others celebrating without masks or distancing.

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The gathering is in clear defiance of the current provincial lockdown, which limits indoor gatherings to five people. 

However, Hillier doesn't seem to mind.

"The lies and deceptions of [COVID-19] are over. How & why so many allowed themselves to be deceived will take years to uncover, but I and many other Canadians will not accept the deception any longer," Hillier wrote.

In response to the possibility of heavy fines and prison time for the gathering, Hillier tweeted, "Bring it on."

Hillier has been very vocal about his opposition to lockdowns and mask-usage over the course of the pandemic.

He has previously said that he doesn't believe enacting a state of emergency was warranted to get the pandemic under control.*

This isn't the first time an elected Ontario official has been in hot water this month.

The province's Associate Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barbara Yaffe faced scrutiny over comments she made while her microphone was on before a media briefing.*

*Editor's note: This article has been updated.