Ontario started its vaccination rollout almost two weeks ago and has vaccinated over 10,000 people since.

However, over the holiday weekend, Ontario COVID-19 vaccinations were halted, prompting a response from the head of Ontario's COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force, General Rick Hillier, to CTV News.

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I take responsibility for that and, clearly, we got it wrong. General Rick Hillier

General Hillier explained that the reason they halted the vaccination rollout was to give frontline workers in long term care "a bit more of a break."

They felt it would be unfair to call workers out to vaccination clinics on statutory holidays.

Some doctors and nurses in the province felt differently, however. 

One Ontario ER doctor shared a photo of herself and her colleagues on Twitter, saying they were forced to close December 25 to 27, despite being willing and ready to continue with vaccinations.

A chart created by biostatistician Ryan Imgrund illustrates just how far behind Ontario is on vaccinations compared to other provinces.

Hillier stated that 19 vaccination sites were set to open in Ontario as of Tuesday, with two more added next week.

"It's upwards and onwards from here," he said.