It's a blast from the past! While it's not made by the magical kingdom, Anastasia is on Disney+ in Canada and it has people feeling nostalgic. 

The streaming service announced on December 4 that the 1997 film, which was actually made by 20th Century Fox, is now available for people's viewing pleasure. 

Shortly after that, Anastasia began trending on Twitter and it's a trip down memory lane. 

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Disney dropped the news in a very festive way, referencing one of the main tracks from the movie. 

Appreciation for the movie began pouring in. Words like "underrated", "visually stunning", "perfection", and "getting the praise it deserves" were used. 

Other fans expressed how important Anastasia was to their childhood. 

Amid all the praise, there were also a handful of people who wanted to make sure everyone knew that Disney didn't actually make this movie. But some people still wish they did. 

We know what we'll be watching all December long.