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Someone Made The Entire Town Of 'Schitt's Creek' Out Of Gingerbread & Nailed It (PHOTOS)

The name of the gingerbread village is too clever!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Someone Made The Entire Town Of 'Schitt's Creek' Out Of Gingerbread & Nailed It (PHOTOS)

Someone put Schitt's Creek and Christmas together and got pure magic.

This Schitt's Creek gingerbread town in Philidelphia is a heart-warming replica of the Canadian show's beloved world.

The cookie masterpiece was created by Angela Haviland as part of the Peddler's Village annual Gingerbread House Competition. 

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Cleverly named, 'Schitt's A Wonderful Life', the sweet installation received fourth place in the 'Reproduction Of A Movie Or TV Set' category.

The village includes all the iconic locations in the show, from the Rosebud Motel to Bob's Garage and Town Hall.

There are even little gingerbread signs pointing to The Blouse Barn, Veterinary Clinic, and other shops.

Luckily, the questionable 'Welcome to Schitt's Creek' sign was left out of the replica.

The house was one of 125 submissions to the gingerbread contest, and it's definitely a winner to all the Schitt's Creek fans out there.

'Schitt's A Wonderful Life' In Peddler's Village

Price: Free admission

When: On display until January 10, 2021

Address: 2400 Street Rd., New Hope,PA

This Schitt's Creek gingerbread village is anything but "ew".

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