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Downtown Austin, TX.

Downtown Austin, TX.

The state of Texas has never had as many job openings as there have been recently according to The Dallas Morning News, and there is a plethora of city of Austin jobs on that list waiting to be filled.

Many departments, like the Emergency Medical Service and Austin Water Utility, are hiring positions that require all sorts of experience. Even better, however, are the several jobs on the list that do not require a college degree, yet are still making some serious bucks — we're talking $34,000 to over $60,000.

Here are five Austin city jobs that aren't requiring a baccalaureate right now!

Drainage Operations And Maintenance Coordinator

Salary: $47,736 - $60,861

Division: Austin Utility Location & Coordination Committee, Floodplain Office & Modeling

Who Should Apply: This position calls for an Austinite who has a deep understanding of the city's safety policies, and actual hands-on experience with construction.

Despite only needing a high school degree for this role, they're looking for an infrastructure whiz with over four years of experience in general construction or land management, which should include four years of experience in storm drain maintenance.

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Animal Service Care Representative

Salary: $34,258 - $40,269

Division: Austin Animal Center

Who Should Apply: Calling all animal lovers with a high school diploma! This job within the open pet intake facility's resource center is good for those who are passionate about helping pet owners in need and can handle a sad animal story from time to time.

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Salary: $47,736 - $60,861

Department: Facilities Services

Who Should Apply: In addition to the required high school diploma, three years of electrical systems maintenance experience is required. However, an additional year of relevant work experience can replace one year per four of the required high school years.

There are multiple electrician positions open currently.

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Salary: Not specified

Department: City Attorney's Office

Who Should Apply: Applicants are required to have an accredited high school degree or equivalent, plus five years of legal support experience. Additionally, candidates must show successful completion of either an American Bar Association-approved paralegal training program or something similar.

There are multiple spots open.

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Administrative Assistant

Salary: $34,258 - $40,269

Division: Emergency Medical Services

Who Should Apply: This is for someone with experience in administrative support because you'll be manning the phones and assisting with the overall operations of the medical emergency department.

You should have a degree from an accredited high school or equivalent, plus three years of general clerical experience, though the minimum qualifications can be substituted with education or experience.

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