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You Can Find The Most Epic View Of The Banff Springs At This Top Secret Lookout Spot

Can you picture a more romantic place!?
You Can Find The Most Epic View Of The Banff Springs At This Top Secret Lookout Spot

If you want to see more than mountains and lakes in Banff, we've got just the spot for you. Surprise Corner is a lovely little lookout facing the castle-esque Banff Springs Hotel. The corner is so magical that you will feel like you're in a Disney movie. 

It doesn't matter if this is your first trip to Banff or your hundredth — the iconic Banff Springs never gets old. 

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Most Banff tourists are familiar with taking the gondola up to the mountain or driving to Lake Louise, many are not aware that this viewpoint by the hotel is just as mesmerizing. 

You can access the lookout at the corner of Buffalo Street and Tunnel Mountain Road. It's a 15-minute walk from Banff Park Museum and about 30 minutes if you're starting from the town's main street, Banff Avenue. 

Seeing how close it is to the town's centre, you can sneak off to hit up the lookout whenever you want. You can rest assured the scenes during your walk will be as stunning as the lookout itself. 

What's not to love about snow-capped mountains and sparkling-blue rivers greeting you on the way?

You can walk alongside the river until you see a set of stairs going up to Buffalo Street. That's when you know that your destination is close. 

Though there's no sign that marks "Surprise Corner" at the lookout, you will know it's the right place due to the sudden appearance of the majestic hotel on your right-hand side. 

The structure is surrounded by a thickly forested area, making those fairytale vibes feel all the stronger. The lookout also features the Bow River moving in full-force right underneath. 

All in all, you'll be feasting your eyes on the loveliest scenery that Banff has to offer. 

The best time to venture to this spot is around late-morning or mid-day when the sun is out and you can take some Instagram-worthy photos. 

It often gets foggy but if you're lucky, you can catch sight of the various mountain peaks that surround the hotel

The lookout also leads to a bunch of trails nearby. You can hike to the end of the Tunnel Mountain Road or you can opt to take the Hoodoos interpretative trail that's just over four and a half kilometres.

Or you can just spend your hours standing at the viewpoint, admiring the historical hotel to your heart's content.

Whether you're there with your other half or family and friends, it's going to be a trip to remember. 

Surprise Corner

Address: corner of Buffalo Street and Tunnel Mountain Road,  Banff, AB

Why You Need To Go: It's a super romantic spot where you can feast your eyes on the most epic, fairytale-esque views of Banff Springs hotel. 

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