He has quite the resume. Ben Mulroney recently stepped down from his role on etalk, but that job was only a small part of his wide variety of career experience. The Canadian TV personality holds two degrees and had some small acting gigs that you probably had no idea about. 

Mulroney was born in Montreal on March 6, 1976, with the name Benedict Martin Paul Mulroney. 

He's the son of Serbian mother Mila Pivnicki Mulroney and former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. 

The 44-year-old grew up in Ottawa and spent most of his childhood and teenage years as the son of the Prime Minister. IMDb claims that Mulroney was eight years old when his father was elected and 17 when his second mandate ended. 

According to The Globe and Mail, Mulroney received a history degree from Duke University in North Carolina. After that, he got a law degree from Laval University in Quebec City.

However, IMDb writes that politics isn't his calling and the TV host "never had any intention to become a lawyer, he did it to please his parents."

You probably best know him for his role as the host of Canadian Idol which he did for six seasons starting in 2003, per The Loop.

However, Mulroney also had acting gigs that date as far back as 1988.

According to IMDb, his first role was voicing the TV movie, Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf. In 2005, he appeared in Fantastic Four, and later on was in the TV series, Whistler. 

In 2012, Mulroney starred in the horror film, Antiviral, and in the TV movie, Christmas Song. His most recent role was in Saving Hope in 2015.

As for his personal life, Mulroney married fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney in 2008. They share three children together: fraternal twins Brian and John born in 2010, and daughter Ivy born in 2013. 

Mulroney announced this week that he is stepping down from his role as anchor of etalk, which came after his wife got herself into a white privilege scandal.

She was accused of bullying Black, Toronto-based blogger Sasha Exeter, and of threatening her business and livelihood.

Jessica lost partnerships with Hudson's Bay, Cityline, and Good Morning America, and her reality series I Do, Redo was cancelled by CTV and Bell Media. 

Mulroney said that he will continue to co-host CTV's Your Morning, and will attend future red carpet events for etalk.