Here Are Some Of The Best Dollarama Items You 'Need' To Buy, According To A TikToker (VIDEOS)

Useful and cheap — a truly winning combination!

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A Dollarama store.

A Dollarama store.

If you like cheap and cheerful products, you probably already know that Dollarama is a treasure trove of great finds, and one TikToker is showcasing all the goodies that are must-haves.

Jess, who goes by @lifebyjessica on TikTok, has a bunch of videos on the best finds you can get at dollar stores and has a whole series on products you "need" from Dollarama.



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If you like spending time in the kitchen, Jess shared some useful products you can pick up like mini silicone spatulas, a 4-in-1 citrus tool, mini tongs and a cutting board organizer.

As well, she showed off a super-cute serving board that says "Bake Someone Happy" that's ready for all your baked goodies!

Kitchen items


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Next up she shared some plastic tumblers that look perfect for sipping drinks outside in warmer weather as well as some bowls that she says are "a little fancy" for the dollar store.

In terms of glassware, she pointed out mugs that'll "make your coffee look so yummy in the morning" and tumblers with a decorative pattern.

Clever gadgets


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To make your next charcuterie tray extra fancy, you could give the cheese slicer she showed off a try, and if you're a fan of breakfast, Jess recommends the pancake batter dispenser which she says she absolutely loves.

Trying to pour some liquid from a pan but are afraid you're going to get it everywhere? Never fear! There's a Dollarama product for that — just attach a pouring spout to your saucepan and viola!

Even more clever gadgets


Dollarstore Finds 👀 #dollarstore #dollarstorefinds #dollarstoremusthaves #dollaramafinds #dollarama #dollaramacanada

Next up, Jess shared an adjustable rolling pin which allows you to roll things out to precisely the thickness you need.

"I need it, you need it, we all need it," she said.

As well, she showed off a two-in-one zester, an apple corer and slicer, and a handy cherry pitter.

Useful and cheap — a truly winning combination!

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