We Asked ChatGPT What The Best & Worst Products Are At Dollarama & It Did Not Hold Back

"There are some items that you might want to think twice about before purchasing." 👀

A Dollarama sign.

A Dollarama sign.

Thrifty shoppers may be turning to Dollarama more frequently with the cost of food items and other essentials on the rise in Canada, so we asked ChatGPT its thoughts on the low-cost retailer.

In response to the question "What are the best things to buy at Dollarama?", the AI bot listed items it says are popular among customers.

The first thing it mentioned was cleaning supplies, noting that the store has a wide variety of items such as "detergents, soaps, sponges, and cleaning cloths."

Next up, it recommended party items and office and school supplies like "notebooks, pens, pencils, paper clips, and other desk accessories."

Snacks and candy, kitchen supplies, seasonal items, personal care items and craft supplies made the list of "best things to buy at Dollarama."

That being said, it did have some cautionary advice after producing the list.

"Overall, Dollarama is a great store to find everyday items at a low price," it wrote. "Just keep in mind that not all items may be of the highest quality, so it's always a good idea to read labels and inspect items before purchasing."

When asked "What are the worst things to buy at Dollarama?", the bot got candid.

"While Dollarama offers many great deals on a wide range of products, there are some items that you might want to think twice about before purchasing," it said before giving examples of items you "may want to avoid buying."

The first category it mentioned was electronic items.

"While Dollarama sells a variety of electronic items, such as phone chargers and headphones, the quality of these items may not be as good as more expensive brands," it warns. "You may be better off spending a little more on electronics to ensure that they work properly and won't be easily damaged."

It also recommended avoiding tools at the store and perhaps investing in better-quality items.

ChatGPT also took issue with food storage containers, saying that "some customers have reported that they are not always airtight or durable."

In terms of health items such as medications, it recommends you check out expirations and labels "to ensure that they are safe and effective."

Lastly, it advises using caution around toys for little ones.

"While Dollarama offers a variety of children's toys, some may not be made with safe materials or may not meet safety standards. It's important to carefully inspect the toys before purchasing to ensure they are safe for children," it warns.

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